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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week(s) in Review

I am behind in blogging once again! I may continue to be behind if I can't fix my laptop. I have had all kinds of virus/malware attacks and now I can't get the thing to boot up at all. I will try a few things more and then bite the bullet and take it in for service.

We have been busy! I have been busy getting ready for my trip to SC to see my best friend Angel. I really hope the twins do ok being away from Daddy. They have been fine in the past, but I think separation anxiety might be worse this time as they are a little older.

It's tax refund time! We like to put our refund back into the house. We have so many things to do and can only do a few each year. This year we are updating our appliances and light fixtures!

Scott ordered this dishwasher. It was a total surprise to me! We also have a double oven on order. Can't wait!

We bought a new rug for the family room. This isn't really updating the house, but it was a must on my list!

New lights for the kitchen table

And my FAVORITE chandelier for the dining room! I have admired this chandelier in catalogs and on HGTV. I never thought I would have one in my own home:) If we sell this house some day, I might have to take this with me.

I went to see my brother-in-law Mike sing with Gonzo's Nose once again!

They were GREAT as always!

Bought food out a couple of times. Kids meals?? HA! My 2 yr old son laughs at kids meals! Only a 6 inch sub from Subway for him.

Ok, so it did take them 2 days, but they each finished a 6 inch!

Ah, and now for yesterday... a BEAUTIFUL 69 degrees out! We played outside for 3 hours.

No stroller or wagon this time. They want to walk on their own now. This is fine except Brandon continues to run away from me!

Look at that face. Hard to tell how difficult he can be!

Oh and my favorite part of yesterday. Could it be?!?! What is this?!?! ZACH is OUTSIDE playing with other KIDS?!?! A house full of kids moved into the neighborhood last year and they all started a game of baseball in the culdesac. (I think they had some friends over too) They had asked Zach to play and I was so pleased he was out playing, I didn't even make him go inside for dinner.

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