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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

This week's tackle was to make an inexpensive backsplash for our kitchen! We chose wallpaper so we could get a different look without spending a lot of $$$. We can always tile later on.

Here is the before picture:

I put it up over the weekend.

Zach helped with some of the face plates. Scott helped too.



Angel said...

LOVE it!!!

NCoblentz said...

That is awesome, Peggy! We'll have to come see it in person sometime! Betcha Patti's gonna really be chompin at the bit to come cook in your kitchen now!!

Purple Patti said...

WOW!!! That is Gorgous!!! It looks so real and amazing!! Now I can't wait to come back to your house and cook again. LOVE IT!!! MISS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! This is wall paper? I'm going to do that to my Great job Peggy!!

Anonymous said...

What a kewl idea! I think it looks great!