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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping with Kids

Sometimes, my life seems so hectic and overwhelming. Everything is so hard!! As I type this Faith is asking for juice. - Not so hard, but it made me get up out of this chair and I just want to sit and relax before I have to start dinner. I took the kids to the grocery store to pick up a few things. We are having sloppy joes and we needed buns. It takes a good 15 minutes it seems to get the kids ready to get out the door. (now Faith is in my lap) Then I open the door and they all run away!!!! I don't like to yell in public or in front of people. (but I will) I feel like my neighbors are all in their windows staring at the crazy frazzled woman yelling like a maniac and chasing these little toddlers who are laughing at me and running in separate directions. When we get to the store, both Brandon and Faith are saying they want to walk. Daddy spoiled them a couple of times by letting them walk when we went shopping together. Now they never want to get into a shopping cart or a stroller. I demanded Brandon get into the cart and he screamed and fought me. Faith is usually pretty good about staying with us so I don't worry as much about her running away. I push around a crying boy while Zach and Faith walk together. Brandon calmed down but was still asking if he could walk. I reasoned with him. I told him he has to be good or he will get back in. He was good and stayed with me!! Even held on to my finger. :) YAY!! I was going to get through this short trip without a scene. Then Zach shows Faith the water fountains. Well, she didn't want to leave the water fountains. We got her away and went on to the bread aisle. The bread aisle is across from the magazine aisle. Brandon found a big Thomas book and got all excited. Faith then turned around and ran away!! I yelled out her name, told her to come back but she kept on going. She ran back to the water fountains. The other shoppers watched us as they always do. We seem to be a traveling circus act around here. I carried Faith back and put her in the cart. She was mad and starting throwing my groceries on the floor. SIGH! Honestly, this little story is nothing compared to past shopping trips. Brandon has thrown jars of sauce or jelly on the floor. I have dealt with many public loud temper tantrums. Today was actually not so bad! It is just how I am feeling that makes it different. I am less than patient today. Oh - B & F haven't napped in the last 3 days.. I am scared the end of nap time is here. I napped from 9 to noon today while Scott was with them. Thank goodness!! However, Scott has errands to run tomorrow so I really need them to take their nap so I can get some sleep.

Well it was nice to sit here and blog for a bit. Time to get up and cook dinner! 2 more nights of work before my weekend:)


Purple Patti said...

Make it "job" for them to go to the store with you, trust me it will work. Have the kids hold on to either side of the cart. Talk to them about it on the way and during the shopping. And what ever you need on "their side of the isle" have them get it for you and help them put it in your cart. If they "help" you with the shopping they will feel more involved and appreciated and you will have fun with it. It make take a little longer but it will be rewarding for all of you. Keep the praises going and if they are super excellent with their little "jobs" then reward them at the end like when you get to the car give them an apple for the ride home or some juice boxes that they "just bought" something of that nature. Tell them that because they were such great workers and helpers they get this special treat for the ride home or when they get home.
Try that and see how that goes. Kids are bored and it is a very senory overloaded position to be in when you are in the store and you are that little. Another thing comeing from the Teacher in me. :)

Lisa said...

Oh that has to be so difficult! One of the things I started doing is telling mine, "Children that are mommies big helpers sometimes take lists and help. Those children are very happy. Do YOU want to be a big helper too?"

Because it's all about them and wanting to be just like the "other children", they often get excited. We make the list together and sometimes draw a picture of what it looks like on the list. Since you have two, split the list and pick out a favorite snack they get ONLY on shopping trips (don't waver - stay strong!)

Alternate asking B&F what is on their list and be excited with them. Shopping may move at a slower pace but it should be less hectic.

It should keep them close to you and help them feel "big"...just like little toddlers want to be.

Then, THANK THEM. But make it about them, "Wow. You two did amazing. You must be so happy to be such good helpers!"

I'd be happy to tell you more. We use this method at home and it was a LIFE SAVER with my son.