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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

WHAT a week it has been! WOW! I have been in a scary bad emotional mood this week. I am not sure why exactly, but I have a few guesses. Any hoo, I haven't been nice to live with this past week! With potty training, laundry, a messy house that I can NOT seem to catch up with and work - I have been overwhelmed. I worked last weekend and am working again this weekend. I do need time off to regroup and CLEAN MY HOUSE! But.. I need the money in a bad way right now. A lot of men would run for the hills or retaliate and fight with my mood, but not my man. Scott is the most patient man!! Hmmm.. well, in a lot of cases he is a very patient man. Not in traffic though. With ME, Scott is very patient. And although I have been a horrible monster this week, he has been nothing but nice to me. He came home with yellow tulips the other day just to cheer me up! I did not deserve flowers, but he bought them any way. I love them! They brighten my mood every time I look at them. Scott also rented me a nice chic flic, 'Love Happens'. It was great! I love a good chic flic. We are expecting a big snow storm this weekend and will most likely be stuck in the house all weekend, so I pray that I will be easier to live with. My family deserves the best of me!

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Angel said...

A JBILY gift? *sigh* I would probably faint if I got one of those. LOL But another friend of mine told me that her hubby bought her tulips this week. What a coinky dink.

Katy Lin said...

how sweet! hope you stay warm with all the snow to come! :)