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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The City Made Me Shovel

A lot of our snow has melted in the DC area. Look, we can see some patches of grass again! We can see the grill and the deck furniture again. Most of the snow had melted from the sidewalks. Oh, BTW, we have the longest sidewalk on our property in this culdesac. How lucky are we! Well, the city plowed all the snow in the culdesac over on our side ON the sidewalk. I really thought this massive snow fall was a special circumstance, and some areas of the sidewalks were overlooked. Silly, silly me. We received a letter today. Our sidewalk had to be cleared in 24 hours or else we would have to pay.. something. Scott was working upstairs and the twins were watching a dvd. Zach and I went to shovel a small "mountain"! Seriously. It looked as though we would never finish. Note: I don't do hard physical labor. I have been spoiled by my husband:)
Well, Zach and I finally made a path through the mountain. WHEW!! Now I am proud:) I should have taken a before picture! This picture is from my upstairs window. I was upstairs seeking praise from my husband and not getting it. That happens to all of us women sometimes!

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