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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chai Tea

Today's cup was given to me from my friend Marsha. She brought it back from her visit to England. It says "Men - They're like tyres, it never hurts to have a spare!" Yes tires are spelled tyres. Maybe that's how they spell in England. In honor of my cup from England, I am having a cup of hot chai! Well, I don't think they drink chai in England, but they definitely have tea time. I like to have a cup of chai after my afternoon nap to keep me going until 9ish. (my 2nd nap) I use a chai tea bag, I prefer it to the powders. A little fat free cream and some splenda. YUM!! Try it. So delicious!!

I leave you with a picture of my baby girl's toes. I painted them! She loves for me to clip her nails and rub her feet. I guess we were just born to want pedicures.


Angel said...

Mmmmm.... CHAI! I can't get the tea bags to taste the way I like mine. TOO used to the powders I guess.

Anonymous said...

I love tea time!! My cup of tea of choice is Celestial Seasonings chamomile. Calms my nerves from all the paperwork from the I will have to try some chai tea again, I had it one time a few months ago. I really love your blog topics!!:)

Katie said...

I love love love Chai Tea. Drink it alll the time. I get the Bigelow bags that are Vanilla Chai and just found some great ones (same brand as those in your photo) that are Chai green tea. I'm not a big green tea fan, but hear all of these amazing health benefits about it, so I tried it and it is delish. Give it a whirl next time and see what you think. ;)

Been missing seeing you and the gang at church. We haven't been online and didn't go to the Bud Bldg today-- that's THREE weeks without church. I can't wait to things get back to "normal" soon!!

Anonymous said...

Did you run out of coffee cups? :-)