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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

I have so many projects to do around here! Yet, I didn't really tackle anything this past week. So, I am posting a little tackle that I did today. Funny, it has to do with the pantry which I tackled last week! Faith has known how to open doors for a few months now. Scott finally taught Brandon how to turn the knob and open the door. That is great for rooms that we DON'T have the child safety knobs on.

We do have a few of those handy child safety knobs to put here and there. The front door, our bedroom and the pantry. This morning, I witnessed Brandon walk up to the pantry, stick his fingers in the hole of the safety knob and pry it open as if it were nothing. It fell to the floor and then he opened the pantry to search for some snacks! He acted as if he owned the place.

So, my little tackle for this evening... duct tape! Let's see if the little bugger can get in here now!
Other accomplishments I have completed this week:
Paid the bills
Donated a little to March of Dimes
Washed the grey right out of my hair!
Bought groceries, lots
Did 15 minutes on the elliptical yesterday and today so far this week
Bought a $6 scrapbook (40% off at Michaels this week!) for all my new digital scrapbook pages
Cleaned out the fireplace..but then messed it up again:)
Loaded some new songs on my IPOD
Hmmm.. I didn't do much this weekend! I didn't clean house or do laundry. That's an every other week thing:)

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Purple Patti said...

LOL Duct Tape is the FIX ALL!!!! How cute!!!