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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bittersweet Love

Let me start by saying... I Love my life! I am so blessed. I have never been happier. But what would this blog be if I didn't vent just a little? Something to read in the future and laugh at!

Two toddlers are hard. Truth be known, I look like a train wreck 90% of the time. No makeup or last night's smeared make up. Hair up always. PJs or sweats with stains of whatever the toddlers have had to eat that day! BAGS under my eyes. New greys popping up all the time. No time to do my nails or try to be cute in any way. So, that's my physical appearance. Now my mind.. it's on vacation. It left my body. I forget everything. I do stupid things! Just today I put my address label on the top RIGHT side of the envelope and was about to place the stamp on the top left when I realized...uh, that's not right. Oh yeah! I have a lot more examples of mindless activities. (I will spare you) I owe it all to the twinadoes....

My darling sweet little toddlers ~
  • Broke this here laptop that I am using.. one of the hinges is completely shot.
  • Dumped out mommy's last pair of contacts onto the floor to dry up and crumble
  • Throw food all over the dining area floor and table
  • Fingerpaint with ketchup & applesauce
  • Leave original crayola works of art in various places for us to find
  • Chew up food - such as a cheese stick and spit it all out onto the floor, just for fun!
  • Similar to above, take a big swig of juice and let it dribble out of the mouth
  • Turn off the washer and dryer while it is running
  • Fill up Zach's toilet with..whatever they can find
  • Emptied their clothes drawers on numerous occasions
  • Throw Zach's books and games off the loft
  • Sneak out of bed.... um ... 100 times a night
  • Blast the volume on the tv all the way
  • Call up people on our cell phones - such as my boss!
  • Pull of every book off the bookshelves
  • Strive to cover every inch of the floor with toys each day!
  • Strip naked and pee on the floor
  • Turn the computer off while we are typ


Blasé said...

..poor Zach!

Angel said...

You are too funny! Here is a {{{hug}}} for you!

Leena said...

Aww...Peggy!!!! You can send the kids my way:))