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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brandon has a boo boo

My baby boy has some stitches in his head! Haven't we all had stitches in our head? I have a couple of times:) After our 2nd round of Christmas on Sunday, (see slideshow below) we were all relaxing and hanging out in our bedroom. Brandon & Faith were playing on the bed. Faith had pushed Brandon down once saying "sit down Brandon" or something like that. Scott said to me "Did you see how she just pushed him??" Well, we should have punished her right then and there because she pushed him a 2nd time and this time he went flying off the bed and landed between the bed post and night stand. I scooped him up and noticed blood all over a pair of my shoes that he had landed on. I then saw blood dripping down the side of his head! We were so worried. Scott held Brandon and applied pressure right away. He was the calm one as usual. We have Kaiser so I had to find Brandon's medical card so I could call... only I was panicking SO much, I could not find my wallet any where! I tried to find the # online and I couldn't type, I tried to call what I thought was the toll free # and misdialed and called some shemale hotline??
Zach found my wallet at last and I took over holding Brandon while Scott called. I was not good for anything else! We all jumped in the truck.. I sat in the back so I could continue applying pressure on Brandon's head, and we went to the after hours care in Falls Church. This was all around 7 and we got home after 9. We go back in a week or so to have his stitches checked and removed hopefully. This will be a story for them when they are older!

Not so bad. His hair will cover any scar I hope.

Brandon is his usual self playing with his cars.


Blasé said...


I hope sis doesn't pursue a Roller Derby career....

Always something!

Katie said...

OH NO! I would have freaked out like you! But I must admit that I laughed when I read the part about you calling a shemale hotline. That is so funny!!! Hope they don't put you on their "best customer" phone list or anything. But thank God he's okay. :)