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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Few Weeks....

Oh my, where do I begin? I have been busy and tired. When I do get on the PC during the day with the kids around, all I do is get on facebook. I have been very overwhelmed with typical life responsibilities lately! It is not a good feeling. I made a to do list and I am slowly scratching things off. I can now scratch off updating my blog! :)

Last Friday, we went to see Uncle Mike with the Navy Seachanters at a local school. The concert was just beautiful! However, Brandon and Faith did not want to sit through much past 3 songs so we spent most of the time roaming the halls:( I didn't get any good pictures or videos of the concert. However, I found the same Jersey Boys routine that they did last August at Rehobeth Beach! Mike is the first on stage to sing.....

I am hoping one day to go see the Seachanters WITHOUT Brandon and Faith!

The weekend of Nov 6th and 7th was our Women's Retreat from my Church. Another POWERFUL weekend! This retreat was EXTRA special as my friend Katie
made the decision to be baptized and she asked for it to be done that weekend! How amazing. The theme was "Thirsty" so they had a tub there to match the theme. We filled the tub ourselves with warm water for Katie. I held her camera and made a video for her husband to see. I was just thrilled to be a part of Katie's Baptism. We all had tears of joy! The rest of the weekend was incredible. I made new friends and now know some more names to add to the many faces I see on Sunday mornings. I went to the retreat with my good friend Sarah and another friend of Sarah's whom I really enjoyed getting to know better. The 3 of us talked a lot and it was just nice to get a way and do some soul searching!

Halloween was fun. Even with all the candy to eat, Brandon insisted on having a Banana!

Scott took the kids out trick or treating and I stayed and handed out candy.

Our Lil Red Riding Hood♥
Halloween night was actually the start of a terrible stomach virus in this house! Zach felt bad all day and then lost his "cookies" in the kit sink just prior to trick or treating. TMI I know. I told him he couldn't go and he was just so sad. Said he felt up to it, so I let him go. But he was not allowed any candy! The next night Brandon had it. He is pretty funny when sick. Doesn't slow him down. He has a weird look on his face like "why is all this junk coming out of my mouth"? But then he walks and pukes, walks and pukes...covering a wide area of the house. NICE! The next night, at bed time, Faith had it. She does not like being sick at all! She had to spend the night with Daddy in our bed... on piles of towels. (I had to work) And the following day it was mine and Daddy's turn, at the same time!! Zach had to help us with the lil ones BIG TIME! What an awesome son and big brother he is. He even made me toast.
There you have a brief description of what is up with us! We are all well now and getting ready for the holidays. I think Santa is about finished with the kids already:) Time to focus on each other and some extended family. Our budget is LOW this year. I think I will be crafty and make some gifts! We are also going on a winter vacation:) We leave for Massanutten on Dec 6th. Sounds funny after I just talked about our low budget, but hey, we own a timeshare and it's in driving distance. I have to buy groceries any way so we might as well enjoy them in a different place for a week! That is my thinking:) We will even splurge on a couple fun activities while we are there. Nana and Uncle Mike are coming for a few days too, so that will be a treat!
Happy Blogging:) Hope I still have visitors left!

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