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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't You Just Love Weddings?

We were honored to attend our friend Sam's wedding as he wed his beautiful bride Bernadette. Scott was asked to be a groomsman and he was so very handsome in his tux!! I am wondering if I will ever see Scott in a tux again. This may have been a once in a lifetime experience:)

Our friend James was the best man and his speech brought tears to my eyes! He spoke from the heart and quoted scripture from the Bible. It was very moving.

I stole a dance from the groom!! Ok, fine. I had to pay $1.

Danillo and his family. I have known Danillo from the Red Cross for years, but this was the first time I met his wife. (and his silly little boy :)) I really liked her and I hope to get together with them again soon!

James and Maria, his new sweetheart :) Maria is super nice and we became friends instantly!

We have a deal. I always get at least one slow dance when we go to weddings!

I am so proud to be with this gorgeous man! I had the best looking date there!

Look! I made another friend. This is Victoria. She is awesome! I met her hubby, Starhawk, at the Red Cross a few years ago. This was the first time meeting his wife. Will definitely be seeing Victoria again. We got along very well. Are you counting? That is a total of 3 new friends I made!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Sam & Bernie

And again... Sam & Bernie. I was so happy for them. Just think, this was Bernie's BIG Day! I am sure Sam was happy too, but it is so much more to a woman. You get to be a Queen for a day! I had never seen Bernie smile so much.

Sam & Bernie chose to sit at their own table on a platform while the wedding party sat at a table with their significant others in front of them. I was very happy about this as I did not want to be separated from my guy:)

This is Sam's sister Jessica. She was the bride's maid that Scott escorted down the aisle. She was very witty! What a fun family they are.

A BIG giant thank you to my parents for driving out to our house to babysit:) Sounds like they had fun. The kids were on their best behavior! Faith finally outgrew being scared of big tall Grandad. Now she runs up to him and gives him a big hug:) I had such a fun time at the wedding, but I also would have liked visiting my parents. Mom & Dad, please come back soon!

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Angel said...

Looks like you had a great time! Glad to see someone took pics of you too! Pretty dress! {{hugs}}