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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coloring, Playing and Feeding Ducks

This is a little desk that my dear friend Sarah gave us. It had been in the basement playroom, but I brought it upstairs for Faith to use for her coloring. What a hit!! She loves to color and loves to put her books and crayons away in her desk.

My friend's girls came over again (they will come over 1-2 times a week while my friend is staying here) Zach loves having someone his own age to play with.

I have blogged about the beautiful and convenient path in our neighborhood many times and I have taken many pictures. But I had never made this left turn to go to the pond and see the ducks! Well now this is a must any time we go for a walk. The kids loved the ducks! We brought them some bread:)

Zach had the most fun feeding the ducks.

A nice jogger stopped and offered to take our picture.
That has been our week!! It's almost the weekend again. We are going to visit my parents in WV. My mom just returned from ITALY!!! Eeee, I am so jealous. But I want to see the pictures:) It will be nice to visit!

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Angel said...

Hello friend! Thought I'd check in at your blog and was glad to see some new pics! I'll have to get some blogging done soon.
Miss you!!!