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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beads and other Stuff...

I ordered some beads and strings for the kids to play with. This is a great teaching toy. Teaches colors, shapes, patterns and coordination. They are a hit with Faith! She asks for them all the time now.

Brandon uses his as blocks. He hasn't figured out the concept of stringing the beads.
We have had a pretty good week all in all. Friday I took Zach school clothes and supply shopping. It's tax free weekend in Virginia. Zach really appreciates his new digs and is looking forward to school! (I never looked forward to going back to school)
After school shopping, we went to IHOP for lunch. They sat is in the back as usual. We must look like we are going to cause a scene! Or they recognize us as always causing a scene.
Well, we were having a great time, just the kids and I. Faith kept saying "oh dear" which made us all crack up laughing. The more we laughed, the more she said it while laughing at herself. Brandon got all excited and started yelling out a tarzan yell in the restaurant. I tried to shoosh him, I really did! Then a woman 3 tables away said "STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!" Can you believe that?!? Hey, I used to be on "the other side" wishing I could enjoy my meal in peace, but now I am on THIS SIDE and I was a bit miffed at this woman. I waited for her to say something directly to me so I could stand up for my children. I walked slowly by her table pushing my monster double stroller on the way out. She said nothing, which is a good thing because ... I probably would not have said much in return. I'm all talk!
Saturday I had a rough beginning of the day... feeling irritated for different reasons. Most likely because I agreed to work all weekend so it is hard knowing that my true weekend is still 6 days from now. Scott surprised me with flowers, just because! My day instantly became better:) Then he gave me some much needed "alone" time. Oh what to do, what to do? First, I took a shower. Then I changed our sheets and made our bed. Then I sat down to play Bejeweled! 30 seconds later, Brandon fell down the basement stairs and my alone time ended. Scott was in the bathroom. (Brandon is ok BTW) I waisted my time. But hey, it's always nice to be clean and sleep in clean sheets.
I have 15 minutes to get ready for Church. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Purple Patti said...

Ok I have to comment again on your wonderful parenting Peggy. YOU AND SCOTT are doing absolutely wonderful Raising these two amazing kids!!! BEADS are the best FINE MOTOR activity you can give them. They teach so much. And the teacher in me is smiling from ear to ear. And AS far as that lady in IHOP she must of never had the PLEASURE of being a MOM. There is nothing like it in the world. :)