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Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Some Rambling...

It is almost 2 am and I am working. (well, blogging, but working!) Tonight (today) is technically a paid holiday so my paycheck will be nice:) I guess I can't complain. Although, I would LOVE to go upstairs and crawl into bed for the night. Any hoo... I have been thinking of some family news I can blog about!

Zach is enjoying his summer so far although we haven't done a lot. We haven't done ANYTHING yet as a matter of fact. But we will!! We will check out the neighborhood pool some time.. it has a cool slide! And our town has a fun water park that we have never been to. In the meantime, we have plenty of fun things to do right here at home for our 10 year old. We have 4 video game systems which is kinda ridiculous! Zach has spent a lot of time reading instead of playing games which I am really happy about. He did make the GT (gifted & talented) program at his school so he will be starting the 5th grade in GT! YAY.

Zach has also spent a lot of time on my laptop. (it's Scott's laptop but I use it more so really it is mine. MINE!) No matter what Zach chooses to do, he usually has at least one of his siblings close by:) We went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night. YUM!! Faith said her very first complete sentence... plain as day! Zach was making silly faces at her from across the table, and Faith was laughing and she said "Zach is funny!" We were all so amazed! We laughed which made Faith laugh even louder and say it again and again. Then she said "daddy is funny". Faith is doing so well with the talking! She points at everything she knows and says what it is. Brandon does the same thing.. but it is hard to make out some of his words.

I decided to color my hair red again. Although I was sure I bought the same color as last time, it doesn't look the same to me.

Our BIGGEST news story this week is Brandon!! Brandon climbed out of his crib! So, I turned it around with the lower side facing the wall. This worked for 1 day and then he figured out an escape route. He is so funny. I can tell when he jumps out... I can hear the "thud" from my office downstairs. Then I hear tiny footsteps. I hear some happy chatting between Brandon and Faith and then I will hear.... toys. Brandon fills Faith's crib with toys and books. She loves it! I have noticed he doesn't leave his room right away. He could - we don't close the door all the way. Yesterday he obviously left just to go to the loft to get some blocks and books for Faith. I can see already that he will grow up taking care of Faith. He is always hugging and kissing her. Faith is not as nice to Brandon which is sad. Sometimes she can be nice:) Any way, I think we are going to bite the bullet and go "big kid" bed shopping this weekend. Brandon will leave his crib every morning now.. so I would rather have him simply sit up out of a low bed than fall on his head once or twice a day.

One last picture of Faith being silly. She is so full of energy! Always running around, jumping and giggling. And of course, she is still a big time Daddy's girl!
Well, that is all I have to report. I have 6 1/2 more hours left to work:) I suppose I should get some things done! I think later today I am going to make my Grandmother's potato salad for the 4th. YUM!

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