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Saturday, July 4, 2009

He Did It!

Brandon slept all night in his new big boy bed!!! I did have to go in there 3 times to tell him to get back in bed early on before he fell asleep. I stood at the door and was very stern letting him know I mean business. He looked guilty every time and climbed back into bed:) After the third time.. he fell asleep! He slept all night until about 7:30 am this morning. I don't mind if he gets up to play around that time. I went up there to start a video and give him his new Thomas book I bought yesterday. Once he had his book, he climbed back into his bed!

You might notice the Thomas bedding... well, I just couldn't buy them each a new bed without new bedding!! Brandon LOVES Thomas. Faith's bedding is pink satiny Disney Princess:) Surprisingly, she wanted it. Pointing and saying "princess"! She hugged her bedding all through Wal-Mart. LOL! Faith's bed is also the pink Disney princess bed and Brandon's was Disney's Cars. Once we opened them up we realized the characters are just stickers! Since Brandon has Thomas bedding, I am not going to add the Cars stickers to his bed. I will keep it plain OR add Thomas decals if I see them some where:) I will add Faith's princess stickers. She obviously likes them!

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