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Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! Nice and quiet - just the 5 of us enjoying summer activities.

Daddy makes DELICIOUS smoothies for the kids!! On Saturday he decided to just add straws to the blender glass for sharing. He makes them with bananas, strawberries, yogurt, juice and whip cream. Yummy!

I am so proud of how much my kids love EACHOTHER! Zach saved up 4 weeks of allowance to buy Brandon this Thomas pillow. I was very impressed with his unselfishness and LOVE! You are the best big brother, Zach.

I made these delicious cupcakes for the 4th. YUM! Ok fine, I bought them. YUM!

I needed to do laundry, Faith was out of shorts. So, I gave Faith her first pair of cut offs! Everyone needs at least one pair. She particularly liked the legs to use as arm puppets. LOL

We played outside a lot this weekend. Brandon wants Daddy to lift him up to the basket again and again. Looks like hard work to me. Glad I am no where near tall enough!

I love to capture pics of B & F doing things together. They are so sweet!

We went for a walk on the paved path to the playground. I love it back there! This time I took a few pics of the beauty close up. Here are some berries that we all tasted yesterday:)

A wildflower. What is this? A star lily? I don't know my flowers.

My FAVORITE scent - the honeysuckle. We have lots of honeysuckles on the path! They remind me of my Aunt Ellen. I went to stay with her one summer when I was a kid, and we took a lot of walks around honeysuckles. She showed me how to taste the honey!

Zach rides ahead of me on the path. I really want to get a cheap ladies bike to go riding with Zach.

Zach jumping off the swings.

Faith LOVES the swings. It is hard to get her off the swings to move on to anything else.

Brandon loves the swings too! More than anything else at the park.

Of course, nothing beats running around!

I played too.. enough to know that I am getting old and large and need to make some changes!

We actually were not hungry enough on the 4th to grill... perhaps from snacking all day?? So we grilled last night. It was great!

My pretty girl:)

My pretty girl stuffing her face with a banana.

Mommy & Daddy being silly

Last night we set off some fireworks that we bought. It was a lot of fun!
Saturday night we took the kids down the road to see the show done by Manassas City. To our surprise, Brandon and Faith LOVED it! They were not scared at all. Faith especially loved it! She pointed at the sky and said "ooooh, colors!!"

However, when we set off our own.. a lot closer... B & F were a little scared.
I hope everyone else had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! We are off to the pool now for just 1-2 hours of fun in the sun. Brandon and Faith are doing so well at sleeping in their new beds, and I think the secret is to TIRE THEM OUT!!

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Courtney said...

Wow, looks like you all had a wonderfully fun time!!!