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Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson

I was just as shocked as anyone to hear of Michael's passing yesterday. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson back in the 80s. I saved my allowance to buy his album, Thriller. I played that record ALL the time! Luckily, my parents liked it too:) I also had Michael Jackson spiral notebooks and folders for school. My father purchased the Thriller video which included the making of the Thriller video. I watched it a million times. As the years passed, I still appreciated his music. He was a talented man. I won't lie to you, I thought it was very strange of him to make such drastic changes to his appearance. And when charges were filed for molestation, I lost respect. (I was disgusted and angry!) Putting aside his personal life, he was a legendary performer and I am saddened by the news of his death.


Purple Patti said...

I was too!!!! I thought he was an awesome entertainer, even though he made some bad choices in life. Fame can have a negative effect on some people sometimes. Look at Brittany Spears. Anyway, a truely talented man will be truely missed in this world. RIP Michael!!! :(

Zach said...

I watched michel's videos all day after it happend. He was an Awesome man. In my opinon, better than Elvis

RIP Micheal Jackson