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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week in Review

It's been a beautiful warm week! In the 80s mostly. We have had a good time. We went to IHOP for dinner one night, I took the kids to the playground and we bought a new little pool.

Um, please don't play with electrical sockets! Sheesh. Yes, my baby girl needs another haircut. Sarah? SARAH?

Here is the very cute pool daddy bought for the twins! The one elephant has a sprinkler:) Brandon did not like it. At least not the sprinkler.

Faith LOVED it! She loves to be in the water.

After I turned off the sprinkler, Brandon warmed up to the pool. He tried the slide again, and liked it so much he went again and again.

BEFORE I turned off the sprinkler, it was very difficult to get Brandon to stay by the house. He went into the garage and got out his tricycle. Faith decided to tag along.

Earlier in the week, we went to the playground. This meant that Zach got to ride his new bike on the path! I do allow Zach to ride up and down our street and on another street near by, but I don't want him alone on the path.

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