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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Visit to Chick-fil-a

We have a new Chick-fil-a that opened close by our home. I thought it might be fun to take the kids out for dinner and play. Brandon was crying to go "bye-bye" and was asking for his shoes! That is his new thing now. A little irritating when sometimes, I don't want to go bye-bye! But this time, he won.
I was very pleasantly surprised at this Chick-fil-a!! The play area was a separate room with a door so the kids can not escape easily:) It is for toddlers only - which is kinda nice too. No food allowed in the play room, so it stays nice and clean! They also have antibacterial wipes to clean your little ones' hands before they eat or play. Very nice!
Now, I did break the rules and allow Zach to go up there with his siblings a couple of times to help them go down the slide.
Close to their normal dinner time, I ordered our food (VERY good customer service BTW!) and called the kids in to the eating area. Brandon and Faith ate all of their kids meals and immediately wanted to go back and play! All of the kids ended up back in the play room, and I sat peacefully by myself finishing my dinner. Hey! Not bad! They played country music which I love! If they had wifi, it would be absolutely perfect. I am going to go back.. if for nothing else, to let Bran and Faith get some of their energy out:)

Zach brought my camera up.. this is inside the play car. Notice they have books up here! Nice touch. The play area also has sound effects!

This is my view from my table. Brandon and Faith liked the fact that they could see me and wave. They had a great time!

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