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Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Morning y'all! I am starting my work week this morning. I usually start on Tuesday morning. A co-worker of mine fell ill and I know I appreciate it when someone is willing to work my shift when I am ill, plus I REALLY need money so of course I accepted the extra shift. So, needless to say, my weekend was really just a day off and went by so very fast. We still had some fun! Saturday we did a little bit of cleaning and I went to bed early as I usually do on Saturdays. Sunday I took the kids to Church. We were all happy to be back! Sunday evening, Mandy came over for a visit. I missed Mandy's bday so I owed her some fun! Although, I don't think I was much fun. LOL The twins were acting crazy and I couldn't really sit still to socialize. Sorry Mandy!

In other news, no more high chairs! Since I bought booster seats for our beach trip, we are continuing to use them and I am going to sell the high chairs. Brandon and Faith like sitting at the table and I enjoy the whole family eating a meal together at the table.

Bran and Faith are still a tad bit messy, so I bought them their own place mats.
Boy, are they talking up a storm now. It is GREAT to listen to them tell us what they want! No more guessing:) Brandon loves to play with his trains and he loves to play hide & seek. He is pretty good at it:) Faith dances, jumps and runs around all day long. She is our little dare devil.

Sunday afternoon, Scott baked cookies! He had asked me to do it, and I kept putting it off. I guess he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Faith received her first ever beater to lick:) Good stuff!

We gave Brandon a spoon of cookie dough and he decided to share with big brother:)

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