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Monday, April 6, 2009

Zach's 1st Day of Spring Break - Skating!

My Zachary has never been roller skating! Well, we happen to have a skating rink right here in town so I thought today would be a good day to go. We went during Brandon & Faith's nap time. Today is the only day of Zach's break that I can use their nap time to hang out with him... the rest of the week I will have to sleep. So, off we went to the skating rink!

Zach looking a little excited, a lot nervous:)

I was SO proud of Zach. As soon as he put his skates on, he was gone. He didn't even wait for me! He just went out on the floor and started to go...

Here I am during a break... I was able to sit down on the floor but I had a really hard time getting back up.

I just couldn't find a good setting to take pictures... so many of them did not turn out. We had SO much fun!! Zach fell down a lot, but got right back up and kept going. It had been a good 23 years since I have been skating.. so I went pretty slow at first. I didn't fall but had MANY close calls!! A lot of little kids almost knocked me down. I forgot how to stop, slow down, turn around.. many important moves I would say:) I don't know how I skated for 2 hours without falling! By the time we left, Zach was pretty comfortable. We both enjoyed the music.. they played hits from today, a little bit of Country and some songs from High School Musical. They even played some old Michael Jackson songs from back when I skated on a regular basis! Yep, every Friday night with my white skates with BIG pom poms on my laces. LOL! Memories.... Zach REALLY liked it and wants to go back. We plan to go again on July 2nd for a Christian music skate night.


Angel said...

SO many posts in one day. You're SUPER BLOGGER!!! :-) Fun skating pics. I never could skate even when I was 16 and skinny.

GraceFromHim said...

Looks like FUN!! Is the weather nice there? We are have beautiful spring days here in the NW. It is in the low 70's amazing! I will have to come back and catch up, I'M way behind after being gone for 3 days :)

Katie said...

Zach looks so great for his first time skating! I liked reading your post because it makes me want to revisit the days of making sure I wore white so that I would glow in the black light at the skating rink. LOL!!!! I'm like you-- I can't imagine trying to get up off the floor with wheels on my feet! ;)

jennbecc said...

How fun! You're brave though for taking your camera out there while on wheels! *L* Our skating rink was DARK and had the black lights like Katie mentioned. We all glowed as we went around in circles. *L* Good times!