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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday 9 - A Little Less Conversation

A found a great blog that is devoted to having a Saturday meme! I love memes for some reason. Maybe because I am a woman and I love to talk/share?? Any hoo, this blog is hosted by Crazy Sam (I like her already) and she asks 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes with a theme and sometimes at random. Sounds like fun! I am diving in.

1. If you could have just one more conversation with a person from your past, who would it be?
My Mom! I would LOVE to tell her about my kids and husband (although I am sure she already knows) but also all about modern technology! Especially the ipod:)

2. Do your friends tend to be male or female? Before I was married, I had a lot of each. But now out of respect for my hubby, I tend to mostly have female friends:)

3. What is in your car’s trunk? Nothing is in the car trunk! (it's still new, give us a chance) But in my truck I have my double stroller and some bungee cords.

4. What was the last CD that you purchased? WOW Hits 2009

5. What is your favorite movie and why? If I have to pick one, it is Grease. I have always loved Grease. I love musicals and this is a classic!

6. If you could wake up with a new talent tomorrow, what would it be? To sing

7. What is your favorite day of the week and why? Sunday! I love my Church so that starts out the day perfectly. Once we get home, my babies go down for a nap so I get some down time, and I am off work Sunday night/Monday morning so that's a big PLUS too! (I work third shift)

8. What are you wearing when you feel you’re at your best? I have a pair of jeans that seems to get people to think that I have lost weight. So, they have became my favorite!

9. When was the last time cried? The last time I watched Grey's Anatomy!

What fun! If you want to join, visit: Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!"

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