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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More of Zach's Spring Break

Just a short post to talk aout the rest of Zach's Spring Break. It is kind of sad that his break was a week before Angel's visit, but we made the best of it. Monday we went skating as I mentioned before, and Tuesday we went to the mall to see Rocknoceros. Well, it wasn't quite like we expected but we had fun!

We played at the play area

In addition to the Easter bunny, we saw some other large furry characters. we ran into Scooby!

And Build a Bear - Brandon DOES not like large furry creatures.

Build a bear hats

This was what we found at the site of the Rocknoceros concert. Yeah! We left.
Scott rented Zach a couple of video games which he played for the rest of his break - when I wasn't dragging him along with me to shop for Angel's visit:)


Courtney said...

Sorry it wasn't exactly what you thought, but looks like you had some fun anyway!

Sarah Bee said...

Looks like fun! Scooby is SOOO cool! =]