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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel and Katie are coming Today! Happy Easter...

Angel and her beautiful daughter Katie will be coming to our home today from South Carolina! They will be staying until Thursday. I am SO excited to see them!! What a blessing to get to spend Easter with Angel and Katie. I feel bad for separating them from Kevin - Angel's hubby on such a holy day, but he is a military man and has to stay behind for work. I am thrilled to take Angel and Katie to Church that morning! The whole week should be fun. Monday, Katie will be turning 18! A legal adult. When I first saw Katie she was 2 - about the size of Brandon and Faith. WOW! I have watched Angel's 3 children all grow into adults. Now I have the young children.. I started a little later:) Angel and Zach have such a special bond. I am glad she will be here for him because I don't always have the time to give him the attention he craves. I am also excited for Angel and Katie to see the twins! They are at SUCH a FUN age now! Enough babbling, I am excited to say the least... I have to finish up work and finish my laundry and cleaning all before 4! I am a last minute girl:)



Tiff said...

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoy your visit with your friends!

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Courtney said...

Hope you are having an awesome time!