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Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 Sick Kids, 3 Days Until we Go!

Learning to watch tv from their beanies
3 more days until vacation! All 3 kids have come down with something... Cold symptoms with fever. Faith seems MUCH better! I think hers was a 2 day thing. Zach woke up feeling icky yesterday morning, but he has a strong immune system and I am willing to bet he is better by the weekend. Brandon is the one we all worry about. A little cold always escalates into something to worry about with him! He was cranky with a fever for a couple of days and now he is cranky with a nasty cough. I can hear him coughing in his crib right now:( Unfortunately, a cough usually triggers his asthma and leads to 2 frantic parents and an ER visit. I am crossing my fingers and praying that we can make it through this without all the extra drama that comes with his colds. He is on Flovent which is a GREAT preventative asthma medicine. I think it is really helping! If we can make it through tonight without any breathing issues, I am taking him to the dr later this morning. I want to see if there is anything we can get to help out .. maybe his usual steroid that he seems to get prescribed every time he is sick. I just want him to be checked out before we leave town.

Scott has been in training all week which has been REALLY hard on me! This has been one long week. I have been on my own with sick cranky babies. Trying to get everything prepared for our trip. I thank God for Zach! I told Zach this week how much I appreciate his help. I told him as we were leaving Super Target... I said I feel bad for other twin mommies that don't have a "Zach". LOL! He was so pleased with this remark, he loaded my groceries in the truck. :) What a sweet boy I have!

I have some how managed to pack most of our things we need, pay our bills and finish the laundry. I am proud! Today and tomorrow I will just concentrate on cleaning the house. Nothing like coming home to a clean house.

I went up to bed a little early last night. Scott was finished with his training so he was available earlier than his normal work shift allows. As I was leaving to go upstairs, I told everyone "I love you". Faith followed me to the baby gate and said "I UV OOH" It was all put together like one word. IUVOOH I was shocked! She has never said that before.. so, I stood there for 5 minutes saying i love you just to hear Faith repeat I UV OOH over and over again with a little smile on her face:) It was a moment!! It made me want to just wait until 9 to go to bed like normal. But, I went upstairs so I could get that extra 40 minutes. Well, I didn't fall asleep until after 9 any way - thinking did I leave Brandon's medicine out for Scott? Are there any harmful toys in the cribs? Does the humidifier need to be refilled? Why do I bother trying to go to sleep early? I have issues!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Tara said...

i've had them all sick before.... NOT FUN! but at least their cute right?