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Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Fun

Sunday, Faith got a chance to try out our new dvd player and headphones we had installed in the truck. It was the deal breaker when we bought our car so it was free! We went to pick up Zach from a sleepover he went to. I wanted to get him early Sunday before the snow started coming any harder. I missed Church because I was coughing too much - I didn't want to disrupt the service! The real snow didn't come until the middle of the night. No school!

I am SO PROUD of Zach. Here I am thinking age 9 is too young to shovel and Daddy would have to go out and finish for him. No, Zach shoveled the entire driveway AND the sidewalks. WOW! After shoveling he went on to sledding. He wasn't even that cold.

"Can I go out there too Mom?"

1 comment:

Tiff said...

My boys did not like the snow one bit. They both screamed when they got it on their clothes and hands. LOL And they were only out there two minutes.

WOW the whole driveway and the sidewalk? Can he come over and do mine?