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Thursday, March 19, 2009


It was 69 degrees yesterday so we went for a walk!

As always, Zach was a big help. B & F LOVE their big brother!! They always look for him every day while he is in school. It's kinda sad.

All 3 of my babies swinging in synch!

While we were at the park, a friend of mine from my Bible study showed up with her son! Now this was unusual, as they live in a different neighborhood.. maybe 6 or 7 miles away? And yet she showed up at this particular playground at the same time! She had just dropped her daughter off at a class near by and needed to kill some time. She saw the path and started walking. How cool! We had some good conversations.

Monday we had a pretty good day until we found out about the basement:(

Zach and I wanted to play a game so we got out Trouble for the twins. They loved it!

Zach and I played Sequence - our favorite game at the moment.

Then the "stinky" basement issue happened.. while Scott and I were downstairs, Zach took a few pics of his lil bro and sis.
Hmmmm... is she leaning in for a kiss or a smell?

Some fun pics from St. Patrick's Day! I tried to make some green mac & cheese... but it looks more like a puke yellow

If you recall, I colored Zach's hair green for school that day! Well, his school did not like that idea and they washed it out as soon as he arrived:(
Here is a little video I took yesterday on our walk... Zach was pretending to fall and making Brandon CRACK UP!

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