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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Our dear friend Sarah and her beautiful little girl Jocelyn gave Brandon and Faith a 60th Anniversary Edition Thomas the Train set! WOW! Thomas has been #1 in this house for a while now, so this was a very welcomed gift! Now, the plan was to wait for their birthday. However, Scott found a good deal on a train table off of Craig's List over the weekend. SO, we called and asked if we could have the train a little early because we are all kids in this house and we could not wait!

Here is the Thomas set put together. Whew! I think I made it more difficult than it needed to be.

When Scott picked up the table, the woman threw in some other tracks. They are not Thomas tracks.. but they do fit with Thomas tracks. During nap time yesterday, Zach (he was home from school - teacher's work day) decided to take the other track pieces and add them to the Thomas set to make THIS:

WOW!! Scott and I were so impressed with Zach's work. Especially since the older tracks have some broken pieces and some old glue stuck in them. Zach found some good pieces and made it work! Zach loves this train set as much as the babies do. This is truly a great gift for the ENTIRE family!

Faith had fun with the boxes:)

It was so sweet to see Brandon and Faith play together. They played at this table half the day on Sunday and all day on Monday. If you have little ones, I highly recommend a train table and train set! Perfect for finding indoor activities:) Thanks Sarah, Jocelyn and family! We Love you!

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Purple Patti said...

Ok the teacher in me has to tell you that this was a great buy!! Fine motor, gross motor, hand eye coordination, cause & effect, sharing.... And the list goes on and on. What a great activity for them. Good job. Though I know you know that already. I just can't help but comment when it comes to educational things and thing that will help them grow and learn. I love it!!! Whether you know they are educational or not, I catch it really quick. Love you!