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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brandon & Faith's Portraits...

I have had some questions regarding Brandon and Faith's portraits that I posted for Wordless Wednesday. I had them done at Time Capsule Photo in the Potomac Mills Mall (Woodbridge, VA) It is a little kiosk in the mall... not a big studio. They don't even have a website (not that I can find any way) They have the cutest little outfits and a changing booth. They also have the cutest little props that are the perfect size for toddlers!! I didn't buy a package, it was a bit pricey and $$ is tight right now.
Brandon was NOT happy! I guess you can't tell... we were lucky to get these 2 shots. He did not cooperate! There is ALWAYS one that is not happy!! Faith loved it. Brandon wanted to leave and was trying to climb up into my arms. In his defense, it was lunch time and an hour away from his nap. This was not a planned thing... totally spontaneous!

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