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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mobile Pictures...

My new phone has a mini SD card! Gotta love that. So, finally, I downloaded some pictures that I have been taking with my phone. Of course, I am sharing...


B Dawg

Awww B Dawg, what is the matter with my baby boy?

Squirrel watching

Mom and FB (first born LOL)

Some Daddy Lovin!

My Handsome Zach :)

Little Princess

Watching tv

Hanging out with our slips on!


Sarah said...

As always your kids are SO precious!

And you should totally let Zach play chubby bunny, I never saw anyone get hurt, it might have been just a rumor! =]

jennbecc said...

Cute! btw...we call ours "slips" too! *L*

Katie said...

How cute! LOVE that car, too!!!! On another note... do you still go to New Life?