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Friday, February 20, 2009

MHR - Inspiration #11

Prompt/Theme for Friday, February 20, 2009

Share your favorite "married moment" from the past couple of weeks. Anything that was special, made you smile, or made you feel all "warm and fuzzy" :)
Oh, there are many! Valentine's Day of course was one - my card and gift definitely made me smile and feel special. But my favorite married moments that really make me feel warm and fuzzy are when I see my husband with our kids. Almost every morning we both have the time to play with the twins' together. Our little ones are in a very cute phase right now! So happy and playful... they like to dance around and hop, play peek a boo, ring around the rosie and hide and seek. They make us laugh! Seeing my husband smile and laugh with our babies is the BEST. Also seeing hubby with our oldest, Zach is equally as heart warming. I love to watch Scott help Zach with his homework. Even better than that is when they have their quality "guy time" and play video games together. (which is pretty much every weekend) One day last week, Scott, Zach and I played a couple rounds of Crazy 8s after the babies went to bed. Fun times! So I can not narrow it down to one moment - my favorite married moments are being parents together:) ♥


GraceFromHim said...

Praise The Lord!
I think I would agree. Family time together is the best!

Reborn said...

I see you both have MHR and MWR t-shirts! I bought some for hubby and me for V-day-- they're awesome!!

Sarah Bee said...

How precious, I can not wait to start our family! I remember once at church a friend let Nathan hold her baby, I was chatting up a storm with someone and glanced over, to see Nathan holding this little girl she was reaching up and grabbing his nose and he was just laughing and talking to her, and it was the sweetest thing. I thought to myself at that moment, wow and it's going to feel even sweeter then this when it's our baby! Amazing!