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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogging from Bed

I am taking advantage of using our wireless laptop, which I seldom do! It's after 9 and the babies are in bed. Zach is at a sleep over. Scott is playing a computer game in the same room. I am in my new comfy bed that I don't get to use so often since I work at night. I wanted to be in bed - but I also wanted to be on the computer. TaDa! I am still fighting off whatever is attacking me. My very vicious sore throat and now a dry annoying cough. So, what's up bloggy world? I was talking to my sweet mother in law tonight (AKA Nana) and she mentioned she has been reading my blog. So - better post a picture of her very handsome first born!!

Daddy with his babies. This was taken earlier today.

Oh what pretty crayons. I love crayons! I like the way they smell. I'm different:)

The new swords. See the video below.

Oooh! Gotta talk about these snack cups. I knew they existed and I wanted them, but never felt like going to Babies R Us to get them and I did not see them any where else. While grocery shopping at Super Target Friday I looked again like I always do, and they had them!!! They work really well! Brandon and Faith like walking around with a cup full of goldfish crackers:)

My home made game for my little OCD toddler. Brandon likes to take things out and put them back. (repeat) (repeat) He also likes to line things up and stack things.

Coloring! This is Faith's newest favorite thing.

Brandon with his new snack cup

Just playing with the camera.
I have a new Christian movie to watch - 'Though None Go With Me'. I heard it was good! I hope I can stay awake:)

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GraceFromHim said...

Very cool, great to get the update!!! I'm sorry you are not feeling well....I had it a couple weeks ago.

Love the new pics, very cute! I really like that Crayon one, wow that looked neat!
Hope you have a GREAT Sunday and I'm praying your sweetie will go. Pray for mine too if you will.