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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Late in the day!

Due to the holidays, I haven't been posting my weekly memes. Time to get back on track. Still no housework to blog about... I am taking the week off in that department. I started weight watchers on Monday and I want to do the elliptical machine every week day. So, today was day 2. Please believe me when I say, exercise is a BIG tackle for me!

I also started a puzzle on Monday. I worked on my puzzle a little bit today too. Both the exercise and the puzzle are done in the basement where the twins can play in their playroom.

Oh- I have been reading 'Twilight' every day as well. I am on Chapter 15. I guess that can be added to my tackle? It is a good thing I don't read very often as I seem to neglect the house when I do:)


Tara said...

You go girl! And I can't believe you're only on TWILIGHT!! Get moving're in for a treat! lots of reading to go...forget the housework. Just finish the series! ♥

GraceFromHim said...

Right there with ya, this is my second day of working out.........Ouch my legs can feel it. I am going to try and eat better too. I was doing really good until Thanksgiving eeeek, help I want to be more consistent!
I guess we can encourage one another!

Katie said...

Wow-- good, no GREAT, for you, Peg!!!! I hear ya on the exercise battle, too. ;)

Sarah said...

I read through the whole series in a week, NOTHING got done around my house, and my husband didn't complain too much b/c he had a lot of extra time to play video games. haha =]

Although I'm not exercising yet, I have changed my diet so I understand a bit about the challenge it is!

How exciting will it be at the end of the year, when we are looking mighty fine! =] or more fine really! Keep up the good work!

Courtney said...

Good for you! Keep up the great work. I need to do that too. My co-workers and I walk for 1/2 hour on our lunch break almost every day, but I need to add more exercise in at home too. Especially since I will be on the beach in Destin, Florida in only 2 months- yikes!

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo!! I joined weight watchers on saturday. How bout that. I too need to exercise but that will come mostly with the sunday afternoon walks that will pick back up after my mom returns from CO. Good luck girly. YOU CAN DO IT! ~Lucy~

jennbecc said...

Are you doing WW online or going to meetings? We're starting the big diet again too once we get the house cleared out of bad food! Good luck BBBFF!!