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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

We we so grateful to have received some furniture from my husband's Grandmother. My tackle this week was to find places for our newly acquired additions! Main tackle was assembling a daybed for our guest bedroom. Our small guest room started out having 2 twins beds. The one bed was moved back into our son's room as it was part of his bunk beds.





I love the look of a daybed and was so excited to see this furniture set! This bedroom and furniture set will be Faith's when she gets older.

In the family room below, we added a swivel rocker and a persian rug.

In the living room, we added the second matching swivel rocker with the matching ottoman.
We also received a couch that is in the loft. I forgot to take a picture.

Now this new addition to our home pictured below came from our good friend Mandy. Mandy found us a play kitchen for the twins (and also a little play washer) B&F LOVE it! Thank you Mandy!

What did you tackle?


Shan said...

Looks like you got some awesome stuff! Great tackle!

iluvsoccer121 said...

I'm hunting for playroom goodies too! I'm thinking the kitchen will be a hit!! Need to start browsing Craig's list for Christmas for the twins....need to find some toys they'll play with!!!

Tara said...

Hey Peggy...that's me just above "iluvsoccer121" daughter was signed in...oops! Didn't realize I was jumping around as her...anyway, that was my comment ;O)

Susie said...

Those are great rooms!! I especially like the guest room!! What a chane! Awesome tackles:-

The Apron Queen said...

Those are some awesome tackles! You've been busy!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!

Courtney said...

It all looks so great! Way to go! We still have several tackles up in the air again this week, but nothing completely tackled. haha