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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Weight and Finances

My tackle for this week - starting this week - is my weight and finances! Two big tackles. My husband decided to diet with me. I have to admit, I do not have the ambition to diet and exercise. With my husband by my side, I will really be "pushed" this time:) I know, the holidays are coming. We will take Thanksgiving day off and Christmas weekend. (or the week between Christmas and New Years) Then we will fall back into place in the New Year with the rest of the world that starts their diet and exercise routine on January 1st! We started our low carb diet yesterday. (I started all over again since I took the month of October off) We shopped together and will eat the same things every day. How nice! And only because my husband has the motivation to do the elliptical machine every day, I will also do it. (I don't want to, but after a week or so maybe I will look forward to it??)

Another tackle - our finances. Like most people these days, we are in a bad state financially. Personally, I have never been good with money. My husband has always been great with money! Now we find ourselves in the same "no money" boat and we are scared. I certainly don't want to put our business out there, but we have to make some changes or we will find ourselves homeless! To start my tackle of our finances, I purchased this book for $.97. I have already found this book to be helpful. Another helpful tool is listplanit. This site contains HUNDREDS of lists that you can use and print out to help with your finances and many other needs. This helps me to be organized with my finances, grocery shopping and upcoming Holiday planning!


Susie said...

Great tackles!! We tackled our finances last week. No fun:-(

Anonymous said...

Good for you for tackling two big issues!

jennbecc said...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Good luck! These two need to be top priorities for me too!!

Angel said... too!

Suzanne said...

Good luck! A book that has worked for us on finances is Dave Ramsey - either Financial Peace OR The Total Money Makeover! LOVE them both! And you can borrow BOTH from your local library (usually).