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Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY: Baked Macaroni & Cheese (a Paula Deen recipe!)

TUESDAY: Leftovers

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti

THURSDAY: FFY (fend for yourself)


SATURDAY: I come home from my retreat after 6 ~ but I would like Jessica Simpson's chicken and dumplings hopefully I will be in the mood to cook:)

SUNDAY: JennBecc's tater tot casserole! You will have to ask her for the recipe. I think there is a test you must pass to get it:)

*Note: A lot of fattening comfort food planned for this week! Scott and I are dieting and working out TOGETHER starting next Monday:) So ~ I have taken a break from my diet - oh the past few weeks, so I can start over with my husband. It is so much better to do it together!


Angel said...

I am taking a break too! So I will start with you guys! It's too hard for me to diet between kevins b-day and mine so I always end up taking that week off. :-) Sounds like a great week though. I still have to plan mine. Our oven quit working and we are supposed to be getting a new one. I hope it gets put in this week since I am wanting a pumkin pie cake for my bday! sadly we didn't get a cake made for Kevin. :-(

jennbecc said...

Enjoy the TTC!!!