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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spaghetti and Other Firsts

Here we go - EVERY toddler has photos taken of them eating spaghetti and making a mess every step of the way! So far, I had only given B & F spaghetti noodles - no sauce. What a treat for Mommy to loosen up! No bibs even, ooooooh. That is living on the wild side! Dig in guys!

YUMMY!! Can we have this every day? WHAT? Only once a year? Ok, Mom.

Hey Mom, I left a little something for you on your curtains and window sill behind me. You can thank me later!

Some other "firsts" occurred this week when we went out to Denny's for dinner! You may or may not know, kids eat FREE at Denny's (participating locations) every week night from 4-10. We can afford free. So, we took the kids to eat. We were in a booth so we asked for a high chair and a booster seat. Faith sat in the booster next to me and she was SO well behaved! She just sat there like a big girl. Not once did she try to get out of the booster. Since kids eat free, this was the first time we actually ordered a meal for Brandon and Faith. Usually, we all share our food with them. The kids menu at Denny's is so toddler friendly! They even have a side order of goldfish crackers! (one of many sides) We ordered chicken nuggets with fries and grilled cheese with fruit. We split the meals up so they each had 2 triangles of grilled cheese and a couple nuggets plus some fries and fruit. They pretty much ate it ALL! And Faith even ate a pickle from my burger. The other cool thing that Denny's has (not free, but well worth the price) are cool rocket cups. So we ordered B & F each a cup filled with apple juice. They drank their juice like big kids. *so proud* Now they are using those same cups at home. They love them!


Angel said...

Spaghetti pics are some of my favorites from when the kids were little! These are precious!

Courtney said...

Cute, messy pics. We haven't been to Denny's in a long time, those are cute rocket cups!

Tiff said...

LOL i love how every child has that same spaghetti face when they eat it. You are lucky they didn't try to put it in there hair!

jennbecc said...

I think my boys have had Spaghetti once or twice but they didn't eat it....they made a mess but wouldn't swallow anything. *L* Cute cups. We're gonna have to head to Dennys for a cool rocket cup and heck yes, I can afford FREE too so meals for everyone!!

CouponDivas said...

Here's a bunch of kids eat free restaurant promotions sorted by day of the week that you might find useful: