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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekend Line Up

Halloween weekend will be here tomorrow! We do have a lot of plans today and tomorrow, but the rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing with family:) Scott and I were going to take Brandon and Faith to the skating rink today. They have something called "stroller roller" every Thursday! I haven't called to find out the details, but I am pretty sure it means you roller skate while pushing your stroller - which would be so much fun! However, I don't think it is a good day to go since Faith has been up sick all night. Next week for sure!! Tonight, I do need to take Faith out - we are going to a big Halloween celebration at Zach's school. He is so excited! I will take pictures. Tomorrow night of course is trick or treating! I am excited to see how it goes in our new neighborhood! I am also excited to see my girl Kristin! She is coming trick or treating with us. We had a lot of fun last year:) Some other friends might join. Mandy - were you coming with us too??

Hopefully, it won't get too crazy because I still have to work.

Hmmm, what is this picture, you ask? It is 'Legend of the Seeker' A show based on a novel series called Sword of Truth. (By Terry Goodkind) The first of the series is called 'Wizards First Rule'. Now, I am not one to read fantasy - books with wizards and dragons and what not. But when I first started dating Scott he asked me to read this book. He was sure I would like it. It was a thick book!! I read it because I was in those beginning dating stages - all warm & fuzzy, do anything for you stage. LOL But I admit, I was sucked into this book. So, I read the 2nd book. Then I read a few chapters of the 3rd book and stopped. Life became too busy:) Well, they made a TV series based on those books!!! Scott is so excited, and I am pretty psyched too. The show premiers this Saturday at 9. Perfect! So every Saturday at 9 - after the tots are in bed, I will have a date with my honey in front of the tv.

Sunday of course is Church. Then Bible study. I signed up to bring a snack this Sunday. Wonder what I will bring?

Sunday evening, after turkey and dressing cooked in the crock pot (I am looking forward to Sunday dinner already), after the little ones are in bed (but before Zach goes to bed), I thought we would make some hot apple cider and start our first fire in our fireplace!! Doesn't that sound so nice? We still do need a grate or whatever it is called to hold the logs. Hopefully, I can pick one up at a good price. Or maybe I can borrow one from my in-laws - they must have one! Borrow one now, buy one later:)
Once our weekend is over, I will have 5 more days to go until the Women's Retreat! WOO HOO!

What are your plans?


jennbecc said...

How funny! Brian is a big Fantasy reader and that is one of is favorite authors. I showed him the post. *L* He says the books are great so hopefully the show is too.

pooh fan said...

It's been a while since I've read fantasy books, maybe I'll try reading this one.