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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Play Date

We were invited to a play date at a local mall's play area Saturday morning. We had not seen our friend's Stephanie and Eric for ....a year maybe? A long time! Well, they had not met the twins and we had not met their youngest, 8 month old Jourdan. It was so nice to reunite with friends and Jourdan was too cute!

Stephanie and Jourdan

Eric & Jourdan

Erica (big sister) & Jourdan

We didn't even know this play area existed! It is just perfect for the little ones. We will definitely be going back! Thanks Stephanie and Eric for inviting us:)


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jennbecc said...

I wish our malls had play areas... :( Nothing like that around here. Glad you guys had a fun time though! :)

Courtney said...

What fun! Our local mall has an area similar to this too.

Tiff said...

That looks like fun! Glad you got to catch up with friends!