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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outside on a Brisk Fall Day

Grandpa Webb brought us some Webb family furniture (from Great Grandma Webb) all the way from Indiana! Great Grandma Webb didn't want it to go to some strangers, and we have the room for it, so Grandpa Webb was very generous to make that trip! Plus - he kept some things for their house too. I already have some old Magness furniture and family heirlooms, it is nice to have some Webb stuff too. While Grandpa and Daddy unloaded the truck, I took the twins outside to get out of the way. It was very chilly and windy! Probably not the best thing for Faith as she woke up with a low grade fever. They LOVE the outside!

The first thing Brandon always does is go down the driveway, turns right at the sidewalk and goes down the sidewalk as far as he can until we grab him!

Brandon has an Elvis face

I'll post pics of the furniture one each piece is settled in its new home:)

1 comment:

jennbecc said...

Cool! Can't wait to see your new additions. :)