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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks ~ Friday!

TGIF! It's another Friday and another "My Husband Rocks" day! I think my husband is starting to do little things just so I have something to write about. LOL Maybe it is my imagination, I don't know! Out of the blue this week - he made me an apple tini and told me to go relax and take a hot bath while he put the babies down for a nap. :) HOW SWEET! But that is not what I decided to write about today...

My Husband ROCKS because he is a very intelligent man! His intelligence is one of the many qualities that attracts me to him. He was in the gifted program throughout school and went on to do very well in College. (VIRGINIA TECH woo hoo!) One thing I LOVE about Scott is the fact that he never makes me feel "dumb" for asking a question or not knowing the meaning of a word or not knowing the answer to a trivia question... things of that nature. Know what I mean? I have known people in the past - co-workers, friends, whatever - that has made me feel ... beneath them. I am having a hard time explaining myself here! I just love the fact that if I come across something that I am unsure of - like maybe a news topic or something about Politics, I can go to my husband and ask him and he explains everything to me. Scott is a natural teacher.
We like to play "car games" as I am sure a lot of families do. Our car games are not the typical "I Spy" games or the "license plate" game, but spelling bees and who can answer this math question the quickest?? LOL
I have always heard that a person who reads a lot is a sign of intelligence. I think this is true. My Dad reads a lot and he is very intelligent:) Scott reads A LOT. He has a lot of books! He buys a lot of books! He loves book stores. He orders books online. He trades books in to used book stores. Now, as a woman, wife and mom - I complain sometimes. I may complain about shoes in the foyer, dishes in the sink, crumbs on the counter - but I will never complain about the array of books we have all over this house!

We have books on the book shelves. What a concept!

A footlocker of books in the closet
Books in the bathroom, in the loft, in Scott's car, on our bedroom floor and from what I hear - there are boxes of books at my in-laws' house!

I myself own 22 books and 4 Bibles. LOL

Scott is trying to groom Zach to be an avid reader too. He ordered Zach a series of books - The Three Investigators. A popular series that Scott enjoyed as a young boy. Zach is almost finished with the 1st book.

So there ya go - my husband ROCKS because he is a smarty pants:) Luv U Hun!

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Katy Lin :) said...

awesome! we play the math problems game in the car, too (usually to keep the driver from falling asleep!) - i love that he's encouraging your son to read - reading is becoming a lost art these days!

jamie in rose cottage said...

Don't you just love a smart guy!? Thanks for sharing about your great hubby!

Tiff said...

Looks like he's a Dean Koontz fan. Me too!!! Your guy seems like such a sweetie. My husband doesn't read but he is very smart and doesn't treat me like i'm stupid when I ask questions. He's so sweet!

Kay-Kay said...

It sounds like your husband is a lot like mine. Both avid readers and very intelligent without making others feel stupid. Gotta love that!

Angie said...

What a cool hubby you have! Love the motorcycle. My honey is very smart too (but he doesn't read like yours LOL)

Great post!

Courtney said...

That's great! My hubby reads a lot too, but he reads the same favorite books over and over. lol! (which I TOTALLY do NOT get, but whatever). Brendan is turning into a great little reader too and we read every night with him. The Three Investigators- are you talking about the old Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators books? We have 2 of those, from like the early 70's I think? We've read the Monster Mountain one to the boys recently, and we have another one too.