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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

This picture was taken at Zach's school while we were waiting for Zach to finish walking through the haunted house. I decided to keep the hats for the purpose of keeping their heads warm. They did very well at keeping them on!

Here are the kids before trick or treating! The scary dude is a friend of Zach's that came along with us. What a great kid he is! He thought to bring a wagon to haul their candy in:)

Zach is Jeff Hardy - I should have taken a picture of just Zach so you can see his costume. I can always take one later.

My friend Kristin came over for trick or treating. She took a couple pics too - I will have to get them.

First thing we did was walk Brandon and Faith around the culdesac. They were SO cute! They really liked walking up to the homes with their pumpkins. Brandon did the funniest thing!! The person would put a piece of candy from their bowl into B & F's pumpkins, and Brandon would help himself to getting ANOTHER piece of candy out of their bowl and then he would put it in his pumpkin. LOL! It was hilarious!!

So after a few houses, we strapped them in their stroller and walked the streets so the boys could get some serious trick or treating done! Afterwards, we had some chicken & dumplings and hot cocoa. Kristin and Zach's friend left, and off to bed I went so I could get up for work in a couple hours! I am tired, but my weekend starts in 6 hours:)
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!


Braedan's World said...

Happy Halloween!! Looks like you guys had fun. See you tomorrow!

jennbecc said...

Great costumes! Glad everyone had a safe and happy halloween! :)