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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Few Videos

Brandon and Faith are growing so fast!! Last Sunday at Church they finally graduated from the Nursery to the "walkers" room or "cubs" as it is called. I am so happy for them because the cubs room has great toys for toddlers. They are talking their "twin" babble all the time, and they really look like they know what they are saying. I love it when they talk to each other. They do that in their room and also in the truck. SO funny! They do say some words.

Faith says: Daddy, Mama, shoes, socks, ball, doggy, "woof", Zach

Brandon says: Dada, Mama, Zach, ball, socks and SCOTT (LOL!)

They both have pretty good appetites and they LOVE music and dancing!

Brandon only uses his paci in the crib now.

Brandon LOVES to spin in circles!

Faith tries on Zach's slippers. I can't believe she can walk in them!

Faith is smelling a candle. What she does is put the candle to her mouth and when she takes it away she blows.

Faith tries Daddy's inhaler.


Susie said...

They really do!! I can't believe my youngest is 4. It feels like yesterday that we were practicing those milestones that you describe. Cheerish! Blink and they are gone. My oldest is in college and it went in an instant.

Tara said...

Soooo cute Peggy! Don't you just love twins! I love the twin's priceless!

jennbecc said...

I love seeing them in action! Great videos! :)

Angel said...

I really think Faith says I love you! :-) Your videos are so cute.Makes me feel like I am watching them grow up!