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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Boys & Girls Club and Kid Show Reviews!

Ah, my silly and beautiful children! Faith's hair is looking a bit funky here.

Zach is doing well. Basketball starts - TOMORROW! Well really, try outs are tomorrow - where the coaches pick their players. Basketball is through the Boys & Girls club, so we had to go and first sign up to be a member of the club and then register for basketball. I can not begin to say, how impressed I am with this club. The Boys and Girls Club Rocks! It is a big 2 story building packed full of fun activities for kids ages 6 - teenager. WOW! They have 3 gymnasiums, pool tables, ping pong, ALL video game systems, lots of TVs, a "movie theatre" room with a popcorn machine, an exercise room, 2 arts & crafts rooms, a library, a computer lab and a HUGE kitchen with 4 ovens. (they offer cooking classes) They also offer guitar lessons, karate, hip hop dance lessons, chess club, game tournaments and more!! ALL of this for the low low price of $25 a year! Amazing. Of course, sports leagues are an additional fee. (like basketball) Adults do NOT have to stay with their kids there. Each child is given their own membership card which they scan as they enter. So, we can drop Zach off to hang out with friends for a couple of hours. He has already asked to go this Fri and Sat. (they are open on Saturdays!) Another great thing is the club is close by. You know the great path in our neighborhood? Well, you can get to the club by walking the path. So - maybe when Zach is a bit older, he can walk there. But for now, I will take him.

LL Cool J was on Sesame Street today! Patti - see what you are missing while you are at work??
Again I say, Sesame Street has a little something for everyone this season! (mama likes LL)

WHO out there watches 'Yo Gabba Gabba'??!?!?! When I first stumbled across this show, I thought, "are you kidding me?" Yet, I couldn't take my eyes away. It's like a train wreck. I think the guy, DJ Lance (I guess?) is pretty funny. His outfit is funny. The characters are so strange looking!! The music is catchy. They have very colorful cartoon clips. The messages are good. The best part - Brandon and Faith LOVE this show!! They get really excited when it comes on and they watch the entire 30 minute show - while they dance and giggle. I find myself looking forward to 11:30 every day to watch YO GABBA GABBA! (even the title is silly)

Brandon & Faith watching 'Yo Gabba Gabba'. Excuse the diapers all over the floor. B & F like to play with them. As long as I can find them when I need them, I am okay with it!
Yes, Brandon once again has an apple.
An apple a day, keeps the crankies away!


Purple Patti said...

OH MAN!!! I missed my MAN playing with Elmo. Wish I could of seen it. Why do I have to go to work, now I want to stay home and watch Sesame Street too. LOL!!!!!

jennbecc said...

Me likey LL too!...not really the music, but he's pretty cute! That's funny that Brandon likes apples and takes bites! I'm still working on the boys to take bites. They did great with their grilled cheese yesterday...even Jake. He didn't cram the whole half into his mouth all at once this time! *L* Z&J LOVE's like baby crack or something. Everyone says their babies love it....its so WEIRD!!Leslie the dancy dancer in the gold unitard and Mark the horrible artist are my favorite....seriously though...I hate them. At least Z&J love it and it does have a good message....even though the delivery makes me gag. *L*

LOCnHEART said...

Christopher watches that show also. But his favorite of course is Sponge Bob