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Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend in Review

What a busy, fun and some what crazy weekend! Saturday we were hit with Hannah and I refused to take the kids out in it. So Me and the kids missed the Dodge Ball Tournament. Scott and his team, however, WON! I am so sorry I missed it! Scott met some people from my Church and he came home with a gold ball as a trophy. (Plus he won some $$ which he distributed amongst the players) The tropical storm died down enough to go to Ethan's birthday party. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the birthday boy! I was socializing:)

Blog babies get together! This is Braedan.

My friends from waaaayyyyy back. Donald and Erin with their son Aidan.

Ok, so the party was fun, but short for us because we were super late. Sorry guys! Sunday was another exciting day. I persuaded Scott to go to Church with us! WOO HOOOO!! When we returned from Church, I had a terrible accident. Scott, Zach and Faith all went in the house. I was holding Brandon and was walking on our front sidewalk to go in the house. The front sidewalk is uneven, and I TRIPPED and FELL with Brandon in my arms!! I was so scared. Even for the second I was falling. I didn't want to land on Brandon and I didn't want him to splat on the concrete. You can think about a lot of things in a split second! Some how I managed to fall without falling ON Brandon, however, the back of his head still hit the pavement. My face and the right side of my body hit - hard. I couldn't feel anything or think of myself at all. Brandon screamed immediately! I was so scared he he might have been seriously hurt and we were going to have to go to the ER. His head probably did hurt, but the skin didn't break and he seemed more scared than anything else. I scooped him up and ran inside screaming for Scott. Oh yeah - my parents came to visit too and they had just got there so everyone came running to see what was the matter. Brandon and I were both crying. Scott assured me that Brandon was ok - in fact Brandon stopped crying and was just staring at me being hysterical. So now my face is all scabbed up, along with my right shoulder and knee. Here is a pic - it looks worse now as the scabs are a nice darker color. Lovely!

I tried to brush off my incident (and pain) and have a nice visit with my parents. I made dinner and we hung out and talked. Grandad and Zach played pool

Memay and I took pictures of each other holding our cameras!

On to Monday. Yes, I know Monday is not part of the weekend, but it kinda is my weekend. Monday is my "Sunday" since I actually start my work week on Tuesday morning. Monday, Sarah and her daughter Jocelyn came over for a play date and lunch. It was so nice! Sarah didn't mind my scab face. LOL

We walked to the closest park. Brandon learned how to go down the slide by himself and he loved it! He did it over and over again. After the park we went back to the house for PB&J, chips and fruit. All american classic lunch!

Jocelyn enjoyed playing with B & F even tho there was such an age difference. We should have play dates more often!

Joc and Faith


Angel W said...

Oh, Peggy. I am so sorry you fell and hurt yourself. That happened to me when Brian was a baby. I fell with him in my arms. It's so scary. Your wounds will heal though and you'll soon be your gorgeous self again!

jennbecc said...

I just realized that I never left a comment for this post! Sorry you fell. :( I hope you're recovering fast and sorry that you scared yourself so bad. Babies bounce but we splat like a ton of bricks. Ugh....