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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

I am going to start ANOTHER weekly feature on Fridays! I know, I know, today is Saturday, but I can't wait to jump in on the fun. "My Husband Rocks" was started by Katy Lin from the great adventure. I found this fun meme on Tara and Angel's blogs! How wonderful it will be to have a day set aside to brag about my hubby ~ a man I love so much!

So here goes my first My Husband Rocks Friday - on a Saturday:)
Scott came into mine and Zach's life when Zach was 3 years old. (2002) I was a single mom and content with my life knowing that some day - I would meet the perfect guy for me and Daddy for Zach. Scott completed us and made us a family.
On August26,2006, Scott and I were married in the back yard of our 1st home together. It was the best day!

Just 1 month later, I became pregnant with our twins. Scott took very good care of me:)

On May 29, 2007, Brandon and Faith were born. Scott held my hand through my C - Section and told me how much he loved me and what a wonderful job I was doing. He really put all my anxieties to rest.

Scott has been an incredible dad to all 3 of our children!

He is also a pretty good cook:)

In addition to all the reasons above, I would like to start out my new weekly feature this week by saying MY HUSBAND ROCKS because he gives the twins their bath EVERY time as it really hurts my back. I help out too by getting their towels and pjs ready.

Why not join the fun and post why YOUR husband rocks! Visit the great adventure and check out all the AWESOME prizes you can win! LOVE IT


jennbecc said...

Scott does rock! :) What a good daddy to always give baths. Brian does most of the baths too now that we are in the big tub because it hurts my back as well. I wonder if it's a twin mommy thing?? weird....??

Katy Lin :) said...

awww! he sounds wonderful! thanks for joining! welcome to MHR! :)

list mama said...

I have never seen a My Husband Rocks post before, but I like it! It is great to have a chance to really sit down and think about all the reasons you're glad they are your hubby!