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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 1 Alone with the Tots

As you can see from my Wordless Wednesday post, Zach started school. He went off without any problems. Now that he is a big 4th grader, I can no longer show my face at the bus stop. I did walk 1/2 way and watch from a distance:) Zach likes his new school!
I have survived 2 days so far alone with these crazy toddlers. Really, the only difference without big brother as a helper is, I have to bring them down or up the stairs one at a time and I have to make sure I have all my "supplies" needed where ever I go - diapers, wipes, desitin, clothes, shoes, socks, pacifiers. All the things that I would typically send Zach up or down the stairs to get for me. Poor kid!

Day 1 - made it downstairs - dressed and eating breakfast. YEAH!

Good job, Mama!

Play time: Brandon's new favorite toy. A poster package?? Don't know what it is called, but he loves this thing so we can't throw it away!

We spent a majority of our morning grocery shopping at Super Target. This can only be done at Super Target with these SUPER carts! Shopping went - ummmmmm - welllllll - we all made it back in one piece. AND it was nap time when we came back so our first morning together alone went by fast!

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jennbecc said...

Glad day 1 went so well! Love that flippin Target cart! I wish our Target had those. The only place around there that has the double seats is Costco and one of our grocery stores has about 10 carts that are doubles. I end up circling the parking lot like a shark but 9 times out of 10 cant find one... :(