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Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st Hair Cut!

Here Brandon's hair looks a lot like Edward Scissorhands!
AFTER Hey! There's a little boy under there!

Brandon with his hair stylist - AKA Daddy

Brandon had his 1st haircut today! DUH ME, I didn't take ANY pictures DURING the cut! How dumb! I was helping to hold his head straight while Daddy used clippers. He didn't cry one bit! He actually laughed at the clippers. Now you can REALLY notice all of Brandon's bruises on his head. The big one on his left is from Saturday - he fell off the couch cushion (the one thats on the floor) head first onto the hardwood floor. In fact, all of his bruises are from hitting the hardwood floor. He doesn't have any marks from when I fell with him. Poor Brandon - he is always the one getting hurt!

Please ignore my messy house in the background:)

Oh yeah - you may notice Scott in some more pictures now as he is working a new schedule, 1-9. Plus most of the time he works from home. So, I was alone with the tots all of a week and a half??? Scott will sometimes have to leave me and go into DC. Like today - although, I wonder if he realizes today is 9/11?? Not a good day to go to D.C.!


Angel W said...

Aww.. how sweet. :-)

Courtney said...

Such a handsome little boy! Cute haircut :) My boys get bruises all the time too, especially Adam.

jennbecc said...

Great haircut Scott! Poor Brandon....the hardwood always wins. :(

Anonymous said...

he looks great I know its hard the first haircut

Purple Patti said...

aww how cute is he with his bright blue eyes. HE is adorable.