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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Boys

Zach is getting so big!! He is growing his hair out - like one of the Jonas brothers or something:) He has to do his chores every day without being asked or he has to get a hair cut. So far, he has made it all summer without having to get a haircut! The chore he has to do is to clean up the floor after the babies at nap time and then again at bed time. Which is whatever toys they get out and whatever pots and pans and plastic they take out in the kitchen. Zach has some other chores that he does for an allowance - he gets $5 a week. School starts on Tues and we haven't received info on where he goes or who his teacher is. I better call the school today:)

Brandon! He is sporting a Red Cross hat. His new favorite thing to do is hand us things. We end up with a PILE of stuff he hands us! Another favorite is to throw things off the loft. Not good.

Brandon enjoying the "floor" couch. Faith was JUST sitting next to him and of course she took off when I grabbed my camera!


Katie said...

My 2 cents... did you register Zach at his new school? Do you know what school he'll go to? Just thought I'd mention it since I'm a teacher... ;)

Angel W said...

Zach IS getting big. And his hairis the same color as Jake's now. I hope he can grow it out like he wants. Give him a kiss for me!