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Friday, June 20, 2008

Yesterday Continued.. (last one!)

After our errands yesterday, we all went to a new park that Zach had spotted. Good eyes Zach! BTW, I took all my pictures yesterday from my best friend Angel's camera! My camera has been having issues, and Angel sent me hers since she just bought a new one. I think Angel's camera takes great pictures! I was happy. Thank you Angel!

Now, you may have read in previous park posts, that Brandon is not a fan of the park. However, I think he had a great time yesterday! Maybe he likes the park after all:)

Faith constantly tried to eat the mulch.

Bran Bran in a tunnel!

Zach always makes his brother and sister smile! They adore him!

Just sittin here chillin. Checking out the sites. Oooh, cute toddler 2:00!

WOAH Zach! Amazing to me how kids make friends so easily. This was a different neighborhood and Zach made like 5 friends instantly!

Brandon found a balloon! Oh he was so happy about it. Then mommy had to come take it away and throw it away. :(

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Angel W said...

Love the pics!!!